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So, I have a really cool testimony. Today I found out that an assignment I submitted two weeks ago didn't actually submit, and because the due date is past, I can't resubmit it. I contacted the instructor and told him what happened, now I'm praying that he'll take my word for it and allow me to submit it without penalty even though he has no reason to believe that I'm being truthful. The amazing part is that I'm not stressed or anxious about it at all. Worry isn't consuming me about it, as it once would have. Yay for breaking strongholds!


So far, the only thing I have noticed since the prayers on Thursday is I am more like I have a sense of peace within me. For as long as I can remember I have always had "tense" shoulders, I feel as if they have loosened up, a lot less pressure. Last week I had a lot of anger in me, it is now gone. I don't know if I have told you this before but after every session we have had, I have felt drained & exhausted, so when I get home, I sleep and when I wake up I feel more refreshed than ever. Thank you for your time and thank you for teaching me so much.


(40-Year-Old Widow)

I can breathe deeply through both nostrils. My ears are unplugged. The pain behind my eyes is gone and has not returned. My sinus cavities are empty. This type of non-pain continues all the way down to my feet. My feet are steady. I can stand still without wobbling. I went to my home study group and sat where people could see me without cringing. It is a MIRACLE.


(23-Year-Old Woman)

“Hey! A little praise report! My fiancé got to see his brother and sister yesterday! And today my dad told me he loved me, and I didn’t have to say it first! I was so happy, I cried!” [Going through deliverance] “I have noticed a heaviness lifted off my dad. It’s amazing!”


(50-Year-Old Couple)

My husband says he feels like a new man and that the Holy Spirit came upon him again this morning when he was praying to God. I think this is amazing, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him. Thanks for being there for both of us last night.


(24-Year-Old Man)

I wanted to text you and thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you and have grown so much through your guidance and healing. A year ago from TODAY was when we had our first deliverance. I just want to say that what you do changes lives. God uses you tremendously and may you be blessed abundantly in Him. Have a wonderful day!


(40-Year-Old Woman)

I can only remember one other time in my life where I felt such deep joy and satisfaction. I feel like I should just celebrate life. The joy and relief feel so, so good and overwhelming. I recently pictured the ruins [where I had been in captivity the enemy in the spiritual realm]. As I flew overhead, I did not see the girl. Just ruins. Yea!!! (Note: This is an Advanced Deliverance topic.)

We are going to pray together as a family in about half an hour. I cannot wait! I hope this does resolve the evil [my children] see. I will also clean out the house in a bit and not stop until I think I am done!

Thank you so much! My daughter feels a lot better too. She doesn’t feel so heavy. Yea! Thank you, Lord Jesus.


I don’t know if I ever told you, but I have been in a complete spiritual awakening ever since my deliverance. I see God with new eyes. I can’t explain it. He fixed my eyes on the Gospel of Christ like never before. (I had been a religious zealot. My deliverance was all rooted in religion. It was wrapped around me like a cord.) I am singing a new song and it feels so good. God used my deliverance very instrumentally to prepare me to love my husband unconditionally. Thanks again for the very important role you have played in setting me free and helping me fall more in love with Christ.


(50-Year-Old Single Woman)

Since I've been attending your Deliverance For Christians class, I feel like orange or onion peelings are being taken off of me layer by layer. The new me is coming out! It’s a wonderful feeling! I am sleeping better too! This scripture comes to mind this morning as to what the Lord is doing in me.

II Corinthians 3:18 (NLT): So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord, and the Lord who is the Spirit makes us more and more like him, as we are changed into his glorious image.

CLEANSING THE HOME (45-Year-Old Single Mom)

A few years back, Artos Ministries had a Bible study for adults at the same time as the teens met upstairs. One of the studies we had was about cleansing our homes and removing all items that Satan might have an attachment to. They even provided a list of things we might have in our house that needed to go. I found it an interesting study, but I wasn't exactly moved to go home and start tossing things out. However, a few months later, my house started to systematically fall apart. Lights were blowing out for no reason, the door knobs were falling off, and the topper was the flood in my son’s bathroom when we weren't home that caused a lot of damage to his room and the garage below. Plus, the mood in the house was just awful. It seemed that every time we came home we were constantly arguing at the tops of our lungs, most of the time over absolutely nothing. It wasn’t your normal teen vs. adult arguing if that’s what you’re thinking. It was much worse. I don't think either one of us was very happy there. Also, my son (now age 12) had always been afraid to be in our house. Every night he had a ritual to check all the doors and windows and look in all the closets and under all the beds for something hiding there. Not sure exactly what it was he feared, but no matter what I said, he always checked these places before bedtime. It didn’t help that our dogs would start barking and howling nightly while we were trying to sleep. Not sure of what they were barking at, but they sure were bothered by whatever it was they were seeing or hearing.

By this time we were going to the home church and the subject of our houses came up again. I was still but decided that just as an experiment I would toss things that I thought might have some Satanic attachment and see what happened. What did have to lose anyway? I kind of had an idea in my mind of what to look for, especially since we had previously received a list during the first study. I started in my son's room one night, and by the end of I had either thrown out or burned probably 10 Hefty trash bags full of belongings. The funny thing was that the Lord seemed to lead me towards things that needed to go. For instance, my son’s room was still torn up from the flood at this time and all his stuff was crammed into one side of the room. It was very difficult to see what was there much less what to throw out. However, the Lord led me to different spots in the room where I would immediately find things that needed to go. As an example, one night as I sat in my son’s room, I heard the words, "don't forget the poster." Well, my son’s room had no posters in it, so I had to wonder what that even meant, but it wasn't long before the Lord led me to my son's closet and there, shoved way in the back, was a framed poster of Pokémon characters that I had framed a long time ago and never hung up in his room.

During that week, I also started to notice some things. For one, my son wasn't doing his nightly ritual where he checked for whatever might be hiding in the house. When I asked him why he felt safer, he said he didn't really know why. Also, the bad mood in the house seemed to have lifted a lot. We weren't arguing and screaming as much. It has been that way ever since and my home has become one of my very favorite places to go.

Now I'm going to fast forward to today and let you know what has happened since that time. When I first told Sue about my experience with cleansing the house, she said the cleansing would happen in layers. I didn't really understand this concept, until now. After the initial cleansing of my house, the Lord would continue to lead me to items that I knew just by looking at them needed to go. We also became able to discern when something came into the house that had satanic attachments to it. For example, one day we rented a video that someone had recommended. When we watched it, it was absolutely evil and we pulled the tape out within the first minutes of the movie. However, as the video sat there in its cover, my son and I knew the tape had to be returned right then because we got such bad feelings from it. So, even though it was be 11:00 at night, we jumped in the car just to return the tape.

Every once in a while I still find more things to throw out, which I find amazing since I started cleansing the house over two years ago. In fact, just this week I found Pokémon invitations left over from my son’s 9th birthday party in one of the kitchen drawers, a drawer I had already cleaned out. So, obviously, the cleansing is an ongoing process.

In closing, I'm going to ask all of you to commit to something. I urge you to take the list you receive tonight and just as I did, make it an experiment to throw out even just the things on the list that you have in your house. Believe me, they aren't worth the money you paid for them. I guarantee that the Lord will lead you to all the items He wants you to get rid of, and in return, you will receive peace in your household and in your relationships there.

For you teens and kids here tonight, you can help with this too. There are probably things you know of that are not on the list since you are cooler than we adults are. So here are some guidelines for you to decide what you might want to throw out. If there are songs on your IPod or in your CD collection that you wouldn't feel comfortable listening to with Jesus at your side, then maybe it is time to get rid of them. If you wouldn't feel comfortable wearing certain clothing or jewelry in front of Jesus, then maybe it is time for you to stop wearing them. If you wouldn't say, “Hey, Jesus, come play this video game with me” or “let’s watch this cool movie together,” maybe it is time to stop playing that game or watching that movie. I think you get the idea. Anyway, pray for the Lord and the Holy Spirit to lead you, and He will. I truly pray that you'll try this and I'm excited to hear your stories about what happens when you cleanse your own homes and lives.