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What is deliverance?

Deliverance, for our purposes, is the cleansing and healing of the soul after identifying and breaking off the strongholds, soul ties, generational iniquities, and other attachments of the enemy - in order to claim the full freedom that Jesus died for. (Philippians 2:12)

What is the soul?

The soul, for our purposes, is the mind, will, and emotions. The will is all our own. The mind and the emotions, however, are where the enemy can build strongholds from which he can operate.

What is a stronghold?

A stronghold by definition is a fortress. (2 Corinthians 10:3-5) A stronghold can be good (God is our stronghold) or it can be bad (when it’s a place from which the enemy operates.) With the deliverance process, we identify the roots causes of the strongholds and ask Jesus to take back all of the ground that has been given to the enemy and remove the stronghold from the soul.

What is a soul tie?

A soul tie, basically speaking, is an unhealthy connection with another person. This happens most frequently through fornication, but we will be exploring other possible ways an unhealthy soul tie can form between two people. (I Corinthians 6:16)

What are generational iniquities?

Generational iniquities are the sins of our forefathers that were passed down through the generations. (Exodus 34:6-7)

How do I know if I need deliverance?

Everyone needs deliverance, but we only do deliverance on Christians, because they are the only ones who have the ability to have their “clean, empty rooms” filled up with the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 12:43-45)

How does one know when he is free in Christ?

You know you are free in Christ when you are able to live in the moment. No longer will the memories of the past haunt you or thoughts of the future cause you fear. No longer will you be self-focused on your problems and issues. You will be confident in who you are in Christ, and you will be able to go forward and help others, using whatever gifting God has given you. (John 8:36)